Statistical data is needed to be used in the analysis of economical and social structures of countries. However, providing the same meaning among users and also in international areas requires that statistical data would be arranged on the base of certain standards. Since we live in information age and the globalization has been aimed recently, communication of information users (who speak different languages or have different purposes) would be possible only with a common language constituted by means of classifications and codification systems. Our institution, up to now, has produced statistical data based on International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities ISIC prepared by United Nations and commonly accepted in all the world.

The Turkish Statistical System is in the process of transition into European Union Classification System (derived and developed from international classification system) instead of international classifications that we have used for many years. So, it will be in accordance with both international classifications and European classifications, to ensure data comparability and at the same time to respond data requests at the national level.

Registration systems based on administrative records are one of the main statistical resources, and effective usage of administrative records is only possible with international methodology and classifications. Therefore, Turkish Statistical Institute provides supports to other public bodies and institutes producing statistics for their purposes or have administrative records.

Turkish Statistical Institution is responsible for coordinating the national statistical system, and one of main components of this coordination is to collect and present all the economic and social classifications at the international, EU and national levels on only one server to all the classification users. Common usage of classifications on this server will serve to increase in the quality of statistics and at the same time it will be beneficial basis to establish a comparable statistical system.

Classification server presents only information on statistical classifications. You may sent e_mail address for data information. 

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